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Das InfoCenter für den Reisevertrieb

The new information center of the German travel industry

mytricc is the brand new information center of the German travel industry providing B2B sales information for travel agents in shop agencies and online agencies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

With mytricc, travel agents organize and manage individually the daily stream of sales information – thus having the relevant information at hand when consulting travellers and when performing travel bookings.

mytricc is a joined and unique initiative of German tour operators and is dedicated to support travel agents in their daily work. The B2B plattform was developed under the guidance of a board of travel agents and in close cooperation with leading tour operators such as DER Touristik, alltours and FTI.

Why mytricc

Each day travel agents receive a huge amount of e-mails, newsletters, flyers and further information from tour operators, airlines, hotels and other members of the travel industry. The travel agents are neither able to read all the information nor is it possible to remember each and every information they received.

mytricc reverts the current push communication of the industry to an information pull of travel agents.

mytricc’s target groups

As a B2B marketplace for travel sales information mytricc connects the target group of tour operators, destinations, hotels, airlines, and cruise companies and the target group of travel agents.

The participation and usage of mytricc is strictly conditioned for the above mentioned target groups. Other companies and consumers have no access to mytricc.

Your advantages as travel agent

  • You find all information in one place – structured, sorted and archived in a standardised way.
  • You get quick access to relevant information through tagging and sophisticated search algorithms.
  • You are able to configure mytricc easily for your individual needs – i.e. definition of favourites (your most important topics/companies), individual filter rules and information storage in virtual folders.
  • You are relieved of spam, information overkill, or loss of information.
  • Your one-stop-solution for travel offers, sales advice, sales knowledge, E-learning, PEPs, Fam Trips, Road shows, product presentations and basic product knowledge/information.
  • You are able to use mytricc where ever you go through responsive web design.

Your advantages as information provider

  • One platform for all types of your information such as sales offers, product information, basic know how, e-learning, polls, product presentations,…
  • You get deep insight in the usage of each information – mytricc performs a unique and extensive monitoring of platform and information usage
  • As information provider you know each day exactly how often, by whom and when your information was viewed, archived, liked, commented.
  • You have access to extensive analysis, i.e. which topics, destinations, companies are most followed, viewed, bookmarked
  • You are able to benchmark your information on a certain topic vs. other information on the same topic.
  • An easy to use CMS allows web-based content management
  • You are able to reduce costs and human resources handling your sales marketing
  • Cost efficiency and reduction of travel sales marketing budgets


Do you want to increase traveller arrivals from Germany to your destination?

Knowledge about your destination or product is a key element, that a travel agent recommends you. At mytricc 86% of the 5,000+ travel agents use e-learning to stay tuned - to have the relevant knowledge for recommendations and consulting a client/traveller.


  • the knowledge about your destination in travel agencies
  • travel agency loyalty
  • your awareness in travel agencies

with an e-learning at mytricc!

Further information you will find in our brochure E-Learning with mytricc.

Contact us

For further information, advertising rates, or any questions please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be more than happy to revert back to you.

Matthias Schulz
CEO mytricc GmbH


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